Funding schemes and campaigns

Funding schemes and campaigns

The modernisation/refurbishing or technical conversion/retrofitting of buildings is as a rule costly and hence deters many home owners. In order to absorb the costs incurred and to animate interested persons, the City of Bottrop and the business partners of InnovationCity Ruhr offer various funding schemes and campaigns for energy-related modernisation/refurbishing  measures and energy advice sessions.

Currently the following subsidising schemes and campaigns are available:

» Energetisches Modernisierungs- und Instandsetzungsprogramm der Stadt Bottrop (nach Nr. 11.1 Förderrichtlinie Stadterneuerung)

» 100 Wärmepumpen Plus

» MikroKWK in Bottrop

» STEAG Fernwärme Förderprogramm für das Pilotgebiet

» HELLWEG - 15% Rabatt mit Energiesparkarte

» Haus- und Hofflächenprogramm der Stadt Bottrop

» RWE Fördermittelservice

» ELE Förderprogramme