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Two-stage advice concept for energy-related refurbishing/modernisation

The subject of "Energy-related Refurbishing/Modernisation" is for many people a closed book. At the same time refurbishment/modernisation measures are an important step for climate protection and for the lowering of energy costs. Therefore InnovationCity Ruhr has developed a two-stage advice concept that is meant to help interested persons to identify and implement the right measures for their buildings.

1. Initial advice session
At the initial advice session, general energy-related stocktaking of the building is carried out. In free-of-charge advisory talks lasting 60 to 90 minutes an energy consultant of the ZIB shows possible refurbishing/modernisation measures and explains the use of possible funding.

2. Systematic implementation advice
Systematic implementation advice is supported by an energy consultant, accredited by BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) and KfW (Reconstrruction Loan Corporation), from the partner network. Mathematical evidence of measures for energy saving so far ascertained is to be produced and to be confirmed in relation to the KfW in the application procedure for funding. The KfW efficiency status, which by means of comprehensive refurbishing and modernisation measures can quite possibly reach KfW 55, is determined by an expertise prepared by the BAFA. For this purpose the legislator provides appropriate subsidies. This third step is at a charge (direct fee agreement between intersted persons and partner network energy consultants ). These and other costs (e.g. for construction support and quality control) can later be subsidised by a KfW programme with up to € 4,000. Speak to an energy consultant.

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