About us

In cooperation with several partners, InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City Bottrop is run by an interdisciplinary team of engineers, urban planners, scientists and further experts in order to realise a sustainable urban redevelopment of the pilot area. The concrete aim is to cut the CO2 emissions by half and thus to increase the quality of life.

Management Company

The Innovation City Management GmbH controls an coordinates the InnovationCity Ruhr project. The company moderates the innovation process and offers expertise in climate-optmised city redevelopment and bottom up energy transition to other cities and companies as consulting service.

Management Company


Innovation City Management GmbH is supported by five shareholders. Besides Initiativkreis Ruhr GmbH as the main shareholder, in addition the City of Bottrop, BETREM Emscherbrennstoffe GmbG, agiplan GmbH and RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH are holders of interests.


InnovationCity Competition

The idea for the InnovationCity Ruhr project was developed in the Ruhr Initiative Group ("Initiativkreis Ruhr"), an association of 70 leading companies from accross the Ruhr region. The mission: to transform a complete city district with a population of about 70,000 inhabitants into an example for energy efficiency. The city of Bottrop won the competition since a good transferability of results to other cities was ensured and the population was clearly in favour of this project.

Competition Background

Project Objective

The project InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City Bottrop pursues the goal of realising a climate-adapted urban redevelopment whilst safeguarding the industrial location. The concrete aim is to cut the CO2 emissions by half and thus to increase the quality of life.

Pilot Area

The pilot area of the InnovationCity Ruhr comprises of the inner city of Bottrop as well as the districts Batenbrock, Boy, Lehmkuhle, Ebel, Welheimer Mark and parts of Welheim. It consists of about 67,000 inhabitants, 22,000 jobs and more than 14,000 buildings. The area represents all facets of the Ruhr region: In a confined space, living and working, businesses and industry are closely interlinked.

Pilot Area (Map and respective streets)

The fields of action

Already in the application documents for the competition the City of Bottrop summarised all of the possible measures for energy savings in the pilot area. According to them, by the year 2020 50 percent of the CO2 emissions and energy can be saved. Added to this are savings in harmful emissions in transportation. In this area a reduction of up to 30 percent is said to be possible. In order to reach these targets a master plan is currently being prepared that bundles and coordinates all of the relevant measures in the target area and serves as a basis for further project work.

What specific measures are planned?