InnovationCity Management

Development of the quarter - we offer you solutions for the modernisation of urban quarters

The development of the quarter at the present time is faced with many new challenges. Individual aspects such as economic and demographic change, financing of social structure and infrastructure, conversion area development and buidling refurbishing/modernising are mutually dependent and do not permit any sectoral approach. Only a holistic and cross-departmental approach, foresighted project management and the integration of all of the players into a modernisation process can ensure sustainable development and upgrading of the quarter in the direction of innovative cities. 

Partners & competencies

The members of our competence team today already offer different solutions for the modernisation and development of urban quarters  and are market leaders in their respective areas.

By means of the unique bundling of these core competences we ensure comprehensive and sustainable  development of the quarter. In this case we define sustainable quarter development holistically and incorporate the economic, ecological, demographic and social challenges of urban areas. We take on the organisation, concept development, activation and networking of players, technical planning, development and marketing of areas of land as well as together with you the implementation  – structured by a master plan. In that way we transform urban quarters into  "Innovation Cities".

InnovationCity Management brochure

You can download the brochure on InnovationCity Management here.